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1 Feb 2013

Not long now till we’re open again and looking forward to it.

9 Nov 2012

Please forgive me for not posting a lot over the Summer, what with the arrival of baby Sophie things have been busy to say the least!

It’s the end of another season at The Old Mill and once again thank you to all the customers who have visited over the year. It’s lovely to see the same faces return year after year, as well as those who live locally and come in regularly, and of course always great to have new customers too.

I have not been able to work a lot since Sophie arrived but I’ve been really lucky as my fantastic team have kept things going for me whilst I’ve been away, and I am really grateful to them for this, they’ve done a great job.

See you all next year!



20 Jul 2012

Here we are again about to start another busy summer holidays. The weather forecast is definitely better for the next few days and let’s hope the good weather will continue for a bit longer.

13 Jul 2012
And don't come again another day!!
30 May 2012

We’re getting ready for what will hopefully be a busy week ahead for the half term and Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations.